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What Happened at Cowspiracy at Happiness Fest?

2018-12-28 00:00:00


We admit, it was a little bit ironic to bring up a somber topic at Happiness Festival. Although the contents of Cowspiracy are hard to swallow (pun definitely intended), the vital information shown in the film, needs to spread in order to improve the well being of our Earth. After all, a happy earth ultimately equates to happy earthlings.

It was uplifting to see everyone in the audience show undivided interest during, both, the movie screening and the post movie discussion with our highly knowledgeable panellists; Dr Nila from Mata Cinta, Margareth Meutia from WWF, Didi from Sea Soldier, and Max Mandias from Burgreens. Here are some key points provided by each panel member to equip our minds and take action in the improvement of our planet!

1) The fishing industry is depleting our oceans of wildlife, and farm fishing is not anymore sustainable! As individuals, we need to decrease our consumption of fish for the sake of the well being of the ocean and the earth. - Didi, Sea Soldier

2) As consumers, we are faced with choices everyday! We can choose to completely stop consuming products that are harmful to the Earth, Specifically to Indonesia such as meat and palm oil; or, at the very least, choose the more sustainable option. - Margareth Meutia, WWF

3) Always do your own research before trying out a new diet! Although, from a strictly environmental standpoint, Plant based foods are best for waste management. - Dr. Nila, Mata Cinta

4) Millennials behave differently than previous generations. We are not only more critical and more open minded, but we became more socially responsible. The truth is, we can't afford to be as selfish as the other generations in history when it comes to our food. Gorging on meat and dairy, abusing palm oil, bottom trawling fishing method are very resource intensive and destructive. We live in a unique time in history, where our action is either part of the solution or part of the problem. - Max Mandias, Burgreens